Ban us! Ban us! Ban us!

For those of you keeping score at home, Dogs On Drugs has been at least partially banned by the Chinese government!  This is cause for celebration around here, but then again we tend to celebrate days that end in “Y” with a veritable ocean of beer, so that’s nothing new.

For those of you just joining, I made an especially heartfelt plea to the Chinese government to ban this website on the grounds that it is vulgar, profane, provides accurate information about the 1987 slaughter in Tiananmen Square, and I called Chinese Communist officials “evil, Commie dickwads”.  This apparently turned the trick in the Yunnan Province, because we are SO banned there.  Inner Mongolia, on the other hand, is showing a server timeout.  This is probably because their internet connection is made of ox dung.

But although the states that I should “assume that majority of Chinese users will NOT be able to view [my] site”, we still have work to do.  Beijing, Shenzen, and Heilonjiang (!) are still showing the capability to hit this web site and see harmful material such as this:

Yes, that's Chinese Elvis getting ass-rammed by a capitalist pigdog. USA! USA! USA!
Yes, that’s Chinese Elvis getting ass-rammed by a capitalist pigdog. USA! USA! USA!

By the way, I love that photo not only because it’s Chinese Elvis getting his pipes cleaned, but because of the lady in the background.  She looks like she heard a noise in the middle of the night and this is what she found when she went to investigate.  And her husband is never going to believe her.

But just in case China doesn’t take the bait, I’m not above a little blackmail.  Hey, China!  Ban this site ASAP or all of your citizens will know how horrible your rock bands are: