Rejection Starts Early


Here’s a conversation I just had with my five year old son upon learning that he had a new girl in class.

Me:  Is Riley your friend?

Him:  No

Me:  Why not?

Him:  Because she’s new!

Me:  You know, it’s kind of scary to be the new kid.  Why don’t you walk up to her tomorrow and say, “Hi!  You’re new here, aren’t you?  Do you want to play?”

Him:  I can’t do that!  She’ll say no!

Me:  Oh, I’m sure she’d love to play with you.

Him:  No she won’t.  She’ll say no!

Me:  Why would she say no?

Him:  Because I keep kicking her in the back!

So, life lesson #1 for my little guy:  If you want a girl to play with you, don’t kick her in the back.