A Quick Heads Up…

These womens done lost their everlovin' minds!

A week or two ago, Hall of Fame Commenter Tonya, of Going To Mensa fame, informed me of two things: She also writes for The Mouthy Housewives. She has lost her fucking mind.

I base that last one on the fact that Tonya asked me to be a guest on their site and answer a question submitted by a soon-to-be-former-reader because, let’s face it, what I don’t know about women, relationships, and healthy sex lives could fill the Grand Canyon and still leave plenty of room for what I don’t know about raising kids.

But head on over and check it out for yourself. Stay a while, read the archive, click on lots of advertising. I get a kickback. (Actually, I don’t, but I should! Tonya? What the fuck?)

Ok, take me to where the magic happens!