They Rapin’ Everybody Out Here

I’m busy tonight because I’m making chili, which is our traditional meal for Halloween. Yeah, who am I fucking kidding, the traditional meal in our household is six pounds of semi-melted candy. But we make the chili anyway, and my wife and I eat it, even if the kids don’t. My killer chili recipe calls for 7 weird ass peppers, beer, coffee (really), 8 pounds of chuck roast, three million other ingredients and is so complicated that you need to have a PhD in physics to do it correctly. Plus, it takes 8 hours to cook. Think I’m going to do that the night before? If you said, “Fuck and No!” then you win a prize: A bowl of turkey chili, which only takes about 90 minutes.

So besides all of the other mundane crap I do on Tuesday nights, I’ve got chili to make and because of that you, the reader, suffer because I’m going to wuss out and just post another video. This one comes to us courtesy of WAFF-TV in Huntsville, Alabama where either the news editors have a sense of humor, or they get so drunk on the job that they fall asleep at noon. Pay close attention to one Antoine Dodson at the 1:01 mark, because he is fucking hilarious.

Jesus, that’s awesome. Happy Halloween, everyone!