Estonia’s Got Talent… Or Something

Today’s mind-melting video of ultimate oddity comes to us courtesy of long time friend Squatch, with whom I was traveling one fine day when he had an acid-induced laughter attack in the men’s room of an Illinois rest area which sent fellow travelers scurrying off, throwing nervous glances over their shoulders while Squatch and I high-tailed it the fuck out of there, because acid + driving = hilarious fun for everyone. Clearly. Earlier in the trip, I had dared Squatch to wedge a dollar bill between his ass cheeks and present said dollar bill to the toll booth operator we were about to be confronted with. I think he might have done it too, except just then Octopus’s Garden came on, and we got very, very distracted by it. Ever notice how much that song sucks unless you’re on drugs? And then it’s totally awesome? Well, we noticed it. That was a weird day. We went from seeing Robert Plant in concert, to drinking a bunch of high school students into oblivion, to hassling first a couple of softball players, then a couple of priests, and wound up the day driving a couple hundred miles because… Well, if we didn’t drive right then, on acid, we’d have to drive much later, not on acid. Look, it made sense at the time.

Which is more than you can say for this clip. Crispy-fried Jesus in a bucket, what in the fucking fuck was that?