Eagles On The Highway

I found myself struck by a powerful case of wanderlust the other day. All of a sudden I just felt like hopping in the Jeep and driving through the desert with the top down, my destination… Who knows? And probably irrelevant besides. Sometimes the road is the destination, with the sun painting the sky purple, the wind blowing through your hair, and road-weariness settling in just as lights begin to twinkle on the horizon…

Hey, what the fuck was that? I dunno. Life has been exceedingly weird for me the last few weeks, and sometimes I catch myself actually expressing my thoughts instead of making dick jokes. Sorry. I won’t let that happen again. Anyway, between everything I have going on and getting ready for a big wedding this weekend (as a groomsman, I hasten to add), I have no time for a real post tonight. So instead, here’s Chris Robinson and New Earth Mud performing a song that I always associate with long drives in the middle of nowhere, Eagles on the Highway. (Jesus, I’m starting to sound like Casey Kasem.)

4 Responses to “Eagles On The Highway”

  1. Vonny says:

    Ok, you can be Tod. Who will be Buzz?

    • Greg says:

      If anyone’s gonna be named Buzz, it’s Chris Robinson up there. Look at him!

      (Incidentally, you don’t get much Route 66 humor these days 🙂 )

  2. Vesta Vayne says:

    I get wanderlust around this time of year too.

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