Pitted, So Pitted!

I am going to have to ask our SoCal correspondents Vesta and Juice to weigh in here. Really? REALLY?

Incidentally, Vesta and the Juice would make an excellent title for a terrible buddy cop drama on TNT. You ladies get cracking on that.

8 Responses to “Pitted, So Pitted!”

  1. That’s what happens when you huff paint.

    • Greg says:

      You know, if I was on Who Wants to be a Millionaire and to choose between a paint huffer and a surfer for my lifeline, I’d go with the paint huffer. I mean, there’s a chance he won’t be huffing paint when I call. There’s no chance this guy will be with it.

  2. Juice says:

    You know, my fave local morning news show made fun of this guy last week, but if we are being honest (although why start now…) I understood about 75% of what he said, and he reminded me of many of the surfers I know. Don’t tell me smoking pot doesn’t destroy your brain. That. is All.

    The “plus size” to the majesty that is the marijuana addled surfer mind? They tend not to talk much and the all strip down to their buff, hot neekedness right there on the side of Pacific Coast Highway – both for suiting up and after tasty waves.

  3. Juice says:

    Incidentially- I would totally co-write and co-star in that Copper Capper…

  4. Vesta Vayne says:


    Yeah, this is Juice territory, because I think she lives closer to the water. I’m on the mountian side of LA County. Not that it’s necessarily any better, because the dudes in the snowboard shops sound just like the surfers. Also, the pollution kills off brain cells here, so really, we ALL sound like, so pitted.

    I am so down for a buddy cop drama. Here’s what I’m thinking, I’ll shave my head like Micheal Chiklis, and Juice, you can be drunk like Dominic West in The Wire. No, wait, we should probably reverse that. Yay! I get to be McNulty!

    • Greg says:

      I was thinking more of a Charlie’s Angels meets Memento kind of thing. You play cops who have retrograde amnesia, and you can’t remember your assignment, or even the fact that you’re cops. But you are inexorably drawn backwards in time and towards each other until, in the first season finale, you learn that… THE CHICK IN THE CRYING GAME IS ACTUALLY A DUDE!

      To be honest, I haven’t really worked it all out.

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