What God Wants

Ugh, I got some distressing family news today, and even though no one died, and no one is sick, it’s been enough to knock me off of my regular schedule. And now I just want to sit on the couch and veg, something I rarely do, so I’m going to.

Instead of the normal menu of dick jokes, immature haikus, and slanderous statements about game show hosts, I’ll throw this doozy out into the ether from the funny as hell guys (who used to be) in The Whitest Kids U Know:

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  1. Heather says:

    Just the thought of distressing family news makes my heart pound. I totally get that sit-on-the-couch experience. Interesting how the choices (or tragedies) of our family members can pull the rug out from under us.
    Go White guys, go White guys, go.

  2. Rusty says:

    Lightning! Lightning! Lightning! Lightning!

    Hope things aren’t too shit.

  3. Ha! “It’s what God wants”… or my favorite: “It’s God’s will. She’s dead, but at least she’s with Jesus”.

    In my opinion Jesus and God are like Santa Clause, the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny: Once a human grows up and turns into a mature, reasonable, adult, by definition they should no longer feel the need to cling to fantasies of Fairy Dieties and demigods to blame things on. I stay clear of the religious and cult folks. They’re quite unstable in the head.

    Besides, liquor is quicker.

    Vegge away, and good luck dealing with what your family threw at you. Sorry that God did this to you, He must hate you. 😉

  4. Vesta Vayne says:

    Bummer. Distressing family news is the worst – my sympathies are with you!

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