Jimmy Knows When To Compromise

As part of the Dogs On Drugs Official Holiday Extravaganza And High Colonic Blowout, we proudly present the following video, which illustrates several important points:

  1. 80’s-styled yuppie moms are ok with PCP, crack, and needle drugs, just as long as you don’t drink a beer.
  2. Jimmy is a shrewd negotiator and knows when to accept a deal that clearly gives him the upper hand.
  3. Jimmy’s mom has given up on life.

Seriously, look at Jimmy’s mom. If you had to guess whether or not Jimmy’s mom’s next move would be to make Jimmy a peanut butter sandwich, or engage in triple penetration-porn on top of Jimmy’s homework, you know the correct answer: A confused teacher somewhere is going to be wondering why a 12 year old’s homework smells of poontang, Astroglide, and desperation. Tough times over at Jimmy’s house.