She Should Have Left A Message

C'mon, c'mon, pick up!

An unnamed 42 year old Dutch woman broke up with her boyfriend recently. So she did what anyone in her situation would do, assuming they were 13 and had unlimited cell phone access: She called him 65,000 times in one year.

On trial in The Hague (because things get mighty slow between genocide cases), the 42 year old argued that the calls weren’t excessive, and I tend to agree with her. It’s only 178 calls a day, people. I get just as many from my homeowner’s association telling me that it is illegal to bury prostitutes in my back yard to quiet down.

10 Responses to “She Should Have Left A Message”

  1. We are assuming she wanted to know if the dress made her butt look big.

  2. On a more logical note, you think this article should have been more like:

    “She called him 16,250 times in a matter of 3 months…”

    You know, or some time period of LESS THAN A FULL YEAR OF THAT CRAZY.

    Makes me feel better for the twice a week calls to the Feyoncé™ at work…

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, no kidding. 30,000 phone calls? That’s mildly annoying. 57,500? Starting to get old. 65,000? Ok, now I’ve had enough. I start getting pissed when my kids’ friends call more than a couple of times in an afternoon.

  3. Stephanie says:

    Does this lady have a life or a job?

    Because I don’t think I make that many calls for work a week…

    • Greg says:

      I don’t make that many calls at work in a lifetime. But then again, they don’t let me have a phone. (No kidding. When I get possession of a phone, I get a bit nutty. My brother once watched me try to prank call Ronald Reagan. While he was President. Let’s just say I’m sure I have a “file” somewhere in Washington.)

  4. Whitney Soup says:

    the calls were clearly accidental. she probably keeps her cell phone in her back pocket and every time she sat down, it called the last person she called. this has truly happened to me on multiple occasions. i get dumped via phone call – then i get accidental missed calls from the dumper the next day. this 42 year-old Dutch woman just so happens to sit down A LOT. 😉

  5. Homeowner’s Asses are of the devil.

    • Greg says:

      So sayeth we all. Mine is currently trying to get me to snitch on whomever is parked in front of my house. Well, not in front of my house, more like an inch in front of my house and the rest in front of my neighbor’s house. That makes sense because the car belongs to the 17 year old girl who lives there.

      But the HOA has decided to threaten me with fines unless I either a) admit the car is mine and move it; or b) tell them whose car it is. Naturally, I respond by sending them an aged bag of dog feces, which my dog is happy to provide to show solidarity for the cause.

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