I’m Hungover

I’m writing this on Wednesday, it will appear on Friday, and my excuse for the second mail-it-in post in a row is that I was too loaded on Thursday to post anything insightful. So instead… this:

(Note: Safe to watch at work, but use headphones.)

6 Responses to “I’m Hungover”

  1. Pish Posh says:

    I did NOT READ the “Note” about using headphones at work.


  2. Brett Minor says:

    I had a similar experience in Puerto Rico. I was there on a short term mission trip and there was this song I kept hearing on the radio. It was by a Latino group called Las Rabanes. It was awesome, but all in Spanish. I bought the album.

    That night another person in our group made mention of the song they had heard and I grabbed my new CD and put in in the player. One of the local church people, then told us we probably didn’t need to be playing that in the church. She then translated for us. I was highly inappropriate for the setting we were in. It just took a while before someone said something to us.

  3. Vesta Vayne says:


    A long time ago, one of my roommates had this ugly orange t-shirt that he wore everywhere, all the time. It had Japanese writing and a school bus on it. This Japanese guy moved in across the hall, and laughingly informed my friend that his shirt translated to ‘Stupid White People Wear This Shirt.’

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