Nitrous Oxide Leak On The Set


18 Responses to “Nitrous Oxide Leak On The Set”

  1. Pretty sure that thing is what inspired all the Chucky movies…

  2. Looks like they skinned a clown doll.

  3. Heather says:

    That was terrifying. Like a day-care looney-bin.
    I shouldn’t have watched that…….

  4. CassieCros13 says:

    When those girls turned their heads with that demonic look on their face…probably the only video you posted on here that I regret watching.

  5. Vonny says:

    Ew, kindergarten killers. Nice.

  6. LA Juice says:

    ohhh too early, much too early in the morning. Gah.

  7. Vesta Vayne says:

    I wonder how many parents ended up in the nuthouse after hearing that repeatedly?

    • Greg says:


      I dunno, when you have kids you gain the ability to filter some really annoying shit out of existence. My 6 year old has a short video clip he watches on repeat that would drive you fucking BATTY in 2 minutes. I don’t even hear it any more.

  8. Rusty says:

    Looking forward to the firmware upgrade that makes her head spin

    If your going to have nightmares, you may as well have good ones

  9. Reanna says:

    Which came first: this commercial or the Exorcist? I have to believe one inspired the other.

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