Testify, Jimmy!

Ummm, why isn’t this guy running for President?

10 Responses to “Testify, Jimmy!”

  1. With his epic mustache and the balls on his chin, he’d have my vote.

  2. Brett Minor says:

    I think I remember that guy.

  3. LA Juice says:

    Holy shit, it’s the black Colonel Sanders! God I hope that’s not racist. Blame Paul Lynde, the talking walnut or Daniel Tosh if it is. One of them made me think it.

  4. Rusty says:

    As a Karate expert, with the rent too damn high, it explains the moustache: epic

  5. brennan says:

    I’d vote for him.
    Considering the political ruckus down here in recent days, he’d lend it some style. Maybe he could side kick some sense into the press. I’d pay to watch that.

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