Holy Shit, Where Did The Weekend Go?

Is it Monday? It’s Monday, isn’t it? Fuck. Ok, Greg, think fast… C’mon, think! You need to post something! Shit! Ummm… Airline food? No, no, no, don’t be an idiot. That shit was played out in the 80’s. Oh, man… Fuck it. Fuck it! Ok, here’s some Japan for you to chew on:

9 Responses to “Holy Shit, Where Did The Weekend Go?”

  1. Vesta Vayne says:

    Homeboy ain’t nothing but money.

    Or something.

  2. Vonny says:

    What the hell was that?

  3. Nnnnice. But now I like this bit even better:


    There is a powerful, personal logic at work in that fevered brain.

  4. Rusty says:

    I have just added “star in a fucked up Japan TV show” to my list of things to do tomorrow

    I will report back to see how I go

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