If You’re In The Office, Turn This Up!

Full blast.

12 Responses to “If You’re In The Office, Turn This Up!”

  1. Vesta Vayne says:

    Hahahahaha! My dog did NOT like this – the sound of the cheering cotton balls made the hair on her back stand up.

  2. lefty891 says:

    Greg, you are one sick-puppy! Kudos.

  3. brennan says:

    I turned it up really loud, but I’m at home and it’s 3am. I wonder if the neighbours hear, will they think this is unusual?

    Seems to me the bleeding one should have grabbed one of the dancing cotton balls and jammed it in to staunch the flow.

    • Greg says:

      Yes, but that would get the Westboro Baptist Church involved, and really, no one wants those assholes hanging around.

  4. CassieCros13 says:

    And this is why this is my favorite blog on the internet. 😀

    • Greg says:

      Dogs on Drugs – It will freak your shit out, motherfucker!

      • CassieCros13 says:

        It’s hilarious when my dad catches me reading your posts. He’s just like, “The fuck are you kids into these days?” I said, “It’s Dog’s on Drugs dad! You should read it sometime…”
        Me and my brother laughed as he disapprovingly shook his head and walked out of my room.

    • Rusty says:

      Here Here!
      I laughed hard enough to make my ass bleed.

  5. Vonny says:

    My dog was pissed off too; she barked and growled. What is it with dogs and fluffy little bleeding things?

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