Did You Hear A Click?

Frank cracks me up. Did you hear a click? “NOOOOO!”

6 Responses to “Did You Hear A Click?”

  1. Vesta Vayne says:

    What is she counting for?

    • Greg says:

      They’re waiting for a picture to be taken, not aware that they’ve activated the webcam. And I believe she was looking at the timer and got confused because she says “Sixteen” at the 0:16 mark of the video.

  2. Gotta love old people. My grandmother used to get frustrated when she would try to use her cordless phone to change the tv channel. She did it all the time.

    • Greg says:

      My mom has been at the utterly baffled by computers stage for a few years now. Her problem is that she tries to memorize everything, and so every time something new pops up, she’s baffled.

      It may be cute from time to time, but speaking as the family’s computer professional (i.e. 24 hour support for stupid shit guy), it wears on you after a while.

  3. Reanna says:

    I bought my parents their first computer about 15 years ago… my dad picked everything up pretty quickly, having been a programming student back when computers were as big as my house. My mother, however, still thinks she has to learn to type before she can go “on the ‘NET!!'” (She’s pretty impressed with her use of contemporary lingo). So a few times a year she spends time working through the Mavis Beacon typing software. And then she gives up and settles in to watch CNN. Blerg.

    Meanwhile, my dad just prints out all the email I send them so she can feel all 21st century.

    • Greg says:

      Ha, my mom is computer illiterate because she thinks she needs to memorize every single thing you could ever possibly do. So of course, the minute something changes in the slightest way, she’s lost.

      Still, that doesn’t keep her from informing me that she “wants a job on internet”.

      “What do you want to do?”

      “A job! On internet!”

      “But what, exactly? No one will pay you unless you’re providing a good or a service, so what good or service will you be providing?”

      “Oh, you don’t understand. You can get paid for doing a job on internet.”

      …and on and on and on it goes…

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