The Oral Copulation Defense

Wait, where are the sound effects? This isn’t kung fu! (Also, from the looks of it, that guy had problems with his crank to begin with.)

(Safe-ish for work if you wear headphones and keep it on the down low.)

5 Responses to “The Oral Copulation Defense”

  1. Nico says:

    I’m probably more afraid of an oral compilation of copulation, but this video hasn’t taught me how to defend myself against that. It did teach me how to eat a cucumber, though.

  2. LA Juice says:

    I will not watch this video of a headless human giving head- but the idea blows my mind (per se), AND ALSO

    nor will I answer the “Poll of the moment” because you did not specify length of time required, whether dental dams are included, whether its live Hitler or dead Hitler, the color of Rosie’s strap on and how much money we would get paid.

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