Doing Something Right

Long time commenter and even longer time friend B’Homey sent me a link recently, which I made the mistake of watching at the office with the sound somewhat turned up. I should know better than that, especially since all the people that sit within 50 feet of me now have HR on speed dial ever since The Incident. (I still don’t think it’s fair that I took the rap for that. It’s not like it was me having a screaming orgasm in that video, and how in the hell was I supposed to know that the woman having the orgasm with all of those longshoremen was the boss’s daughter-in-law?)

So you have been warned. This is totally, 100% safe to watch, but totally, 100% unsafe to listen to without headphones. (This isn’t hosted via YouTube, so it may not be obvious. Click to watch.)

12 Responses to “Doing Something Right”

  1. Rose says:

    Well. Didn’t see THAT coming.

  2. Vonny says:

    Words of wisdom from a happy old couple. That was sweet, especially the “blowing my load in the same hole night after night” bit. *wipes tear from eye*

  3. Vesta Vayne says:

    Good for them. That sounds way better than shuffle board and bingo.

  4. Ex says:

    [My ex-wife left me yet another harassing comment here. Little does she know that I am about to mop the floor with her in court, and that she will pay (literally and figuratively) for her constant violations of the law. – Greg]

  5. Rose says:

    If you’ll notice, I check your site daily. I give you my word that I’m not stalking you.

  6. Rose says:

    JK. I’m totally stalking you.

  7. Greg says:

    No, no, feel free. Stalk away! If you go around the side of the house you’ll see that there’s a great bush to lurk in.

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