Definitely Scratch The Hippo

Anyone who read this week’s Weekly Hypothetical will be glad to know that I haven’t dropped the subject. Research is ongoing, and if there is a change in my choice of potential animal-kingdom-friends-with-benefits-selected-under-duress I will let you know immediately. You will be glad to know that the hippo has really, really, really been scratched off of my list. Jesus, they’re almost as bad as my daughter.

4 Responses to “Definitely Scratch The Hippo”

  1. Juice says:

    Opportunity lost- I didn’t hear one person in the crowd say “Did you hear that?”

    • Greg says:

      You’re right. That is just sad. Juice, I’m putting you in charge of burning that zoo to the fucking ground so that this will never happen again.

  2. Vesta Vayne says:

    For whatever reason, the video is scrambled, but I can hear the audio.

    Yes, scratch the Hippo. That doesn’t sound like something you want any part of…

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