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We were eating at a restaurant this weekend, when my five year old son bit into a fried shrimp that was surprisingly hot. And so of course he reacted quickly and violently, spitting the food back on his plate, and then he began to scan the table to see if anyone else had seen him. I started laughing immediately. “Hahaha, you looked like a dog that just got maced!” I said. We all had a good laugh, even my son who doesn’t take himself so seriously that he can’t laugh at himself from time to time.

Fifteen minutes ago, as I was putting him to bed, he reminded me of the fried shrimp. “Show me what I looked like, Daddy!” So I imitated him as best I could, which brought forth a few giggles, but I was hoping for more, so I pulled out my iPhone and showed him this wonderfully awesome video

My son laughed his little ass off, and we watched that video about twenty times in a row, both of us doubled over with laughter by the end of it. This is exactly what my wife is talking about when she says I get the boys all riled up before bed time. Yeah, it got him riled up. But he’s five and his brother is three. You know what else riles them up? Everything. Seriously, you could put on NPR, the most boring thing in the universe, and they’d be bouncing off the fucking walls within five minutes.

(They say that hyperactivity is a condition that affects one out of every one children, and with my boys it strikes hard, often in public. It is not uncommon for my five year old to be reenacting a scene from Raiders of the Lost Ark and wind up wrestling snakes on the floor at the grocery store. Meanwhile, his brother will be standing next to him, waggling his butt side to side, singing, “Shaking my booty! Shaking my booty! Shaking my booty!” No lie. I live in a fucking nut-house.)

And not the good, heavily salted kind of nut-house.

And not the good, heavily salted kind of nut-house.

My daughter used to be this way as well, but now that she’s almost twelve, she’s trading insane behavior for surly insubordination, which is way, way worse. Where did my little princess go, the one who greeted shoppers at Safeway by waiting until they entered the store and then mooned them? The one who cut her own hair and then tried fixing things with a brown marker? The one who rubbed shit on her walls? Ok, maybe I could get used to the surly insubordination.

Where was I? I have no idea. I’m still reeling a bit from Friday’s post on Led Zeppelin, which brought in staggering amounts of traffic. Way, way more than I’ve ever had before. More than when I was nominated for a Bloggie, and more than the time I publicly revealed the location of Osama bin Laden (which, now that I think about it, may have actually been something I hallucinated while on jimson weed). But, yeah, massive amounts of new visitors, most of whom had good things to say, which is alway appreciated. Some people had constructive criticism, which is also welcome, as is completely loonball bat-shit insane statements from the type of people who think Huey Lewis & The News is hot shit. We pass those comments around for kicks.

I’m tempted to rebrand the web site and go with an all Led Zeppelin format. That’d generate some hits, but probably some lawsuits as well. I don’t think Robert Plant would like me telling stories about him shitting on the walls of my daughter’s room. Still, it was instructive to learn exactly how much traffic I can get by shamelessly riding on the coattails of the massively popular. You’ll see exactly how instructive when I publish my post entitled, “I Caught Justin Bieber Having Sex With My Cat” next week.

And then I'll be rich! Rich, I tell you! So rich that I'll make dollar signs shoot out of my doctor's ears! BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

And then I'll be rich! Rich, I tell you! So rich that I'll make dollar signs shoot out of my doctor's ears! BUWAHAHAHAHA!!!

On to the week you missed while you were rocking the fuck out to The Ocean.

Ok, now that I have more than four readers, I can finally fucking cash in. It’s Money Time! Or as I prefer to call it, Involuntary Advertising, brought to you this week by Revlon.

By the time you read this, it’ll be Monday morning and the week will be underway. Seize the day, people. Carpe diem. (and not Carpe Equus, as I recently found out. That means Seize the Horse. Stupid jimson weed.)

18 Responses to “The Week In Review”

  1. Lorca Damon says:

    I like Carpe Carpe. Seize the fish. My two angelic princesses are also growing up, which just means there are now three premenstrual women in my household. The best part is that, as the alpha female, I’ve been able to dictate when the three of us will be at various stages in our cycles, essentially meaning my husband lives in one giant bout of PMS. He’ll jump off that cliff any day now.

  2. Pish Posh says:

    I would seize the horse of course of course unless of course that horse is Mr. Fucking Ed. My colleague came down the hall the other day, god love him, kind of butted into a weird conversation I was having with someone about killer catfish, and APROPOS OF NOTHING said “a horse is a horse of course of course” and just stared at us. We didn’t say anything so he made this huge groan and said “Oh WOW!! it’s unless it’s Mr. Ed!!” I told him I’m not from the 50s and to get out of my office.

    Jimson weed indeed.

    That lady in the crazy dog man video is going to Lorena Bobbitt that dude, guaranteed. She’s been putting up with that shit forever and can you imagine how loud and obnoxious now that he thinks people like it?

    • Greg says:

      Yeah, he’s probably a lot to handle, especially during sex.

      Apropos of nothing, Brain Bleach for sale! Brain Bleach for sale!

  3. Vesta Vayne says:

    I love that your three-year-old shakes his booty in the grocery store, that’s freaking hilarious.

    It’s the job of the dad to get the youngins all riled up, right?

  4. Heather says:

    How did I know a comment from Lindsey Lohan would lead me to your blog? I knew it instantly. There was never any doubt.
    That video KILLS me! My boys will be watching it soon, I’m sure.

  5. Rusty says:

    Oh A Current Affair. That is an Australian show and it went nuts here. Still love it. The old lady’s face is one of acceptance, and it’s gold. You can almost hear in her mind she is think “… for better or worse, in sickness an in health…”

    • Greg says:

      Hehehe, I figured you’d be weighing in on this. Yeah, her reaction is what makes this vid. Her smile practically screams, “Yeah, you find him funny. I have to live with this shit.”

      • Rusty says:

        I came back to watch again. Just awesome.

        Tracy Grimshore is the lady at the start, and I am always suspicious of her. I don’t think that’s her real hair. It’s looks like an elaborate piece of Lego re-designed by a microwave

        • Greg says:

          We need an investigative team to figure out exactly what her deal is. Any volunteers?

        • brennan says:

          Nah it’s real and a product of the Nine school of how we think a bimbo should look on camera.

          I’ve also seen her tits and probably still have the tape in the garage.

      • brennan says:

        He reminds me of this guy we had come to my work to give a presentation on how to deal with dogs. He was from a dog training outfit called Barkbusters and the entire thing was riddled with outbursts like that.

        “Some people think that if you let a dog sniff the back of your hand….” “rowrowrowrorow” “…so it’s important that…” etc

        I could feel my supervisor beside me giving me this deathly “don’t you say a fucking word” stare whilst I tried not to piss myself laughing.

  6. brennan says:

    “I Caught Justin Bieber Having Sex With My Cat”

    I didn’t realise they made strap ons for cats.

  7. Jacky says:

    that chick is so pretty…
    i’m catching up on my d.o.d…

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